I’ve always liked the idea of having lots of monitors around me. It feels cool (well maybe for the geek inside me), like the ones you see on movies when they’re hacking into things.

I’ve thought about getting a second monitor in the past but just couldn’t get myself around it, I wasn’t 100% convinced it would be utilised. Especially as I’ve had a desktop iMac before and I’ve always ended up using my MacBook instead, but I suppose those are 2 separate things and don’t really work together in terms of increasing my workspace real estate.

Lockdown life

When the pandemic started, I heard many friends who got forced to work from home scrambling to get themselves a second monitor. I was told that all the good ones are out of stock and prices for second-hand monitors on sites like Gumtree were hiked up. Had people started to grab themselves a second monitor on their trips to stock up on excessive amounts of toilet paper?

My team and I are based in a coworking space in London and what became apparent since the pandemic started was that more people were opting to working from coworking spaces and many that joined us had a second monitor (some even had three, flash gits). Seeing this, I finally managed to get myself to look into getting a second monitor for work…well to be totally honest, I kind of asked one of the guys in the office where they got there’s from, and then just ordered the same. I figured it was a decent brand, the screen quality looked good and he was one of the 2+ monitor guys, so he definitely knew a good monitor when he saw one.

I must mention I got a pretty good deal as well, previously it was on Amazon for around £160, I picked it up for just £89.

Advantages of a second monitor

From years of working on my laptop and looking down, I forgot what a pleasure it is to be looking upright, straight at my lovely new monitor. I felt the benefits of having a second monitor straight away, not only was it improving my work posture from a slouching buys creature to an upright purpose-built working machine, but it also gave me the extra screen space to help me be more productive. I currently use a ClickUp which is a great and super affordable way to manage my workload and my team, by having a second monitor I am able to have my ClickUp dashboard with all my tasks loaded up all the time.

Other advantages of having a second monitor are, I look pretty flash and I’m one of the second monitor crew members now. Sometimes, I just leave it on with some analytics on there just to make it look super cool. I even got one of them bendy monitor arms to swivel the screen around, just in case I decide to sit in random places around the desk to work.

Pandemic or not, I now get the appeal of having a second monitor on my desk. It makes sense and I might even go for a third one just for equilibrium of my desk. No doubt lockdown has been a catalyst for the number of people opting to add extra monitors to their workspace setup, which for me makes 2020 officially the year of the second monitor.

For the lazy people who can’t be bothered to research too much into their second monitor, below is the one I bought and some of the ones people in our coworking office have.

Samsung 24inch Curved Monitor

This is the one I got, its curved and feels kind cool to swish things from screen to screen.

Dell 24inch Portrait Monitor

I’ve seen this one being used at the office in portrait mode, loads up documents really well.

Acer Nitro 75Hz Monitor

This one has a really crisp screen; one person has 2 of these side by side. Looks super high-tech.

BenQ Photography 4K Monitor

By far the coolest monitor in the building, amazing colours and clarity.