The lockdown work life has forced many into working from home and what may have started off as working from the kitchen table, will slowly transition to setting up your own little home office space…well, that’s if you haven’t already done so.

When home becomes the office, thing may start getting a little boring. One way to liven things up is to add some of your unique little quirky touches to your home office desk.

Here are some cool items we found online that you can add to your home office.


Bring the outside in, with some plants. Fresh plants are of course the best, but not always convenient and not everyone has green fingers. Here is a mix of fresh and artificial plants that are perfect for your home desk.

Hydroponics Planters

These Hydroponics Desktop Glass Planters are pretty awesome, you can plant fresh plants that you can nurture in between getting work done.

artificial succulent plants

Or this set of artificial succulent plants look like the real deal, with none of the strain of keeping them alive.

Bonsai Tree Kit

If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not try and grow your own Bonsai Tree Kit.


We’re not talking about desk lamps, they’re just boring. Sometimes it’s nice to have different levels and colours of lighting to lift the mood.

3D LED Lights

These 3D LED lights, which come in many different designs are a cool way to add some character and colours to your desk.

LED Strip lights

Add these around or behind your desk to add an extra glow of colour.  You can change the colours to match your mood.


Light up the whole room – these minimalist RGB coloured lamps can be used to light up whole corners of the room.


Sometimes strange but definitely interesting items to brighten up your home office mood.

Moon Lamp

Okay yes its another lamp… but its soo cool. Why wait until it’s dark to enjoy the beauty of the moon.

Wacky Tube Guy

When you’re fed up of Zoom meetings and humans, have some fun with this wacky wavy little friend.

Desktop Bowling

Can’t go bowling? Do it at your desk! We know it’s not the same, but it’s as good as it gets for the moment. #lockdownlife

Stress relief

And if that all isn’t enough to chill you down to the core as you get into your work zen. Then take it out by sticking some of these products on your desk.

Pen Holder

Silicone Pen Holder that you can stab your pen into.  Go wild!

This cat though!

We all love a’s one you can squeeze, without them needing 9 lives.

Stress Ball

A good old stress ball is perfect for some stress relief.  This ones got some added bits to squeeze.

and finally

Here are some other random cool things to add some extra fun to your home desk.


Sometimes there’s too many decisions to make, let faith decide with one of these.

Target Practice

Bin Basket Hoop – some target practice to take your mind off of work for a few minutes.

its all bs

And when it all feels like a bunch of BS, then hit that button and go get yourself a coffee!