As requested by Alexandre K in the comments on my YouTube video on How to buy OMI tokens. Sorry Alexandre and anyone who’s been waiting for me to upload this guide as a video, I haven’t had the time. So, for now I decided to write the instructions out. I still plan to make the video when I get a chance.

OMI to Meta Mask Wallet | Move OMI to Wallet

I will help explain how you can move your OMI tokens from AscendEX (previously BitMax) Exchange to a wallet, in this case the Meta Mask.

The process requires you to do some setup before you can transfer your OMI from the exchange.


  • Step 1: Download Meta Mask to your phone or desktop browser
  • Step 2: Set up GoChain Network on Meta Mask
  • Step 3: Add OMI token to your Meta Mask account
  • Step 4: Go to AscendEX Exchange and send a test amount

Step 1. Get Meta Mask

You can easily Download Meta Mask as a browser extension on FireFox or Chrome browsers as well as on your iPhone or Android phone. I’ve done both as I found that sometimes I can’t send coins via my app and it only work via my desktop browser.

Remember to write your “Seed phrase” down and stick it somewhere safe. This is the only way to recover your account if you lose connection.

Step 2. Set up the GoChain network

As the OMI token is on the Go Chain network, you will need to set this up. The instructions are available on GoChain’s medium page. I will go through it here, you can still double check via this link (

On your Meta Mask wallet, go to Networks to add a new network. On the phone app click the burger box icon and then settings, then networks. (You can follow the image below)

Then click Add Network

From the list select Custom RPC


Then enter the following information into the fields.

Network Name: GoChain


Chain ID: 60

Symbol: GO

Block Explorer URL:

Then Save.

That’s your go chain network setup.

Step 3: Add the OMI token option to the GoChain network.

While you’re logged onto the GoChain network on your Meta Mask, you should see an option at the bottom which say Add Token, click that. Then on the tabs, select “Custom Token”. Like in the image below.

You will now need to get the copy and paste the OMI Contract Address.  I’ve listed it below and also linked the official Ecomi medium blog page as well, if you wish to copy and paste it from there.

OMI Contract Address: 0x5347FDeA6AA4d7770B31734408Da6d34a8a07BdF

Official Ecomi Blog link below:

Once you’ve entered it, the rest of the form fields should automatically fill out.

Press Add and that it you’re ready to send OMI tokens from your exchange to the Meta Mask Wallet.

Step 4. Send a test amount first.

Finally, go to the AscendEX exchange, click on My Asset menu, go to Cash Account on the drop down.

Then next to your OMI token listing you should see “Withdraw” link.

Go back to you Metamask, make sure you’re logged onto the GoChain network, click the blue highlighted part to copy your Public Address.

Go back to AscendEX, paste your public address into the Address section.  Then enter the amount you want to transfer.  Start with 2 OMI (1 OMI will be charged as a Fee) and 1 will hopefully be sent to your Meta Mask wallet.  Press confirm and complete the security questions.

Then a few seconds later the amount should appear on your Meta Mask wallet.  And on AscendEX your status should say Success.

I hope that went smoothly for you and you’ve managed to move as much OMI as you wished from the exchange to your wallet.

If you ever need to move your OMI back from your wallet to you exchange, you will need to buy some Go Coins to pay the gas fees, I did this using Binance and then sent it to my Meta Mask Wallet.  The gas fees are super low, so you can send a small amount.  I sent £15 and still have loads left and I gave away some to friends who also hold OMI tokens, just in case they ever need the gas.

If need be, I’ll do a little guide and video on Go Gas coins too.


If you are looking to buy $OMI Tokens, you can do this from AscendEX Exchange.  Here is my referal link