Oh no, it’s happening again…What excuse will Apple have this time, how will they blame their loyal customer on not using their new Apple AirPods Max properly?


Apple’s new super expensive “premium” AirPods Max have been reported by users to build up condensation when used for long periods of time.

Condensation Gate begins!

Unhappy owners who have forked out a £549 for the new Airpods Max are complaining on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, as well as the Official Apple Forum. They have all pointed out that after a few hours of use the AirPods Max build up condensation inside the cups. To make matters worse, the AirPods Max are not water resistant. The problem seems to be coming from the fact that the new AirPods Max ear cups are made of Aluminium, which makes them not so great when it comes to insulation. Sadly, if this is correct, then there is no real fix for the issue. Which makes us wonder, how will Apple convince their loyal fans that it’s not a problem? Maybe they will do what they’ve done previously and claim it’s a feature.

In 2015, the Apple iPhone 6 was released and soon after owners complained the phone was bending inside their pockets. This was coined as “Bendgate”, but Apple denied the claims and said it happened only in rare cases. But later release of the same model saw Apple strengthen the phones casing, while denying it had anything to do with Bendgate.

It’ll be interesting to see if Apple provide an answer for the condensation that is happening to their new AirPods max, but for now they remain silent.

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